Pet insurance to good to be true?

Discussion of experiences with obtaining and claiming on Pet Insurance, how to select an insurer and what to look for in a policy
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Pet insurance to good to be true?

Post by Jennifer » 26 Jul 2010, 14:40

I've been researching pet insurance for Teddy for the last couple of days and am surprised at how expensive it is as I did look around a few sites about 2 months ago and it has increased since then :evil:
The cheapest quote for lifetime cover I managed to find so far just for Teddy was from M&S but with a 10% discount for my cat as well Argos came out on top.
I then came across a company called which I found on the moneysupermarket comparison site. There quote for lifetime cover is much cheaper than any I have found so far and with a 20% online discount and 10% for additional pets it is coming out at £9.10 per month against Argos at £17.58 :shock:
It all seems to good to be true and have read the small print and given them a ring and they said that it covers for ongoing illnessess up to £4,000 which is renewed monthly :shock: As the premiums are collected lunar monthly so the policy renews lunar monthly as well. I asked about the premiums rising as the pet ages and she said that the premiums could rise depending on how many claims the insurance company has had in total and not depending on how many claims I make or how old my pet is but this is pretty standard isn't it as usually all insurance goes up annually? They do automatically renew though.
Sorry for the long waffle but I was hoping some other more knowledgeable people who can understand small print waffle could have a look and let me know if its all too good to be true :lol:

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Re: Pet insurance to good to be true?

Post by Bella1 » 26 Jul 2010, 15:22

Hi there

I am with that Insurance company and have been for the last 6 months or so. I had exactly the same thoughts as you when I saw them on the internet and couldn't believe they could really be that cheap without some catch! We ended up having to use them about a month ago when we took Bella to the vets as she was leaking urine everywhere and she ended up having to stay in over night and have x-rays, tests etc. The total cost came to £1,000 and they paid up no problem! We did get a letter from them however saying they were reluctant to pay out as the vet couldn't put Bellas problem down to anything specific (despite the fact that we were told it was probably just been a urine infection) although they did say as a one off they'd pay up so not really sure what the point of their letter was!! We paid a £50 excess fee and that was it, our monthly premium doesn't even seem to have increased since we put the claim through. So far so good!!

Vicky & Bella

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Re: Pet insurance to good to be true?

Post by taffyjack » 26 Jul 2010, 15:49

Seems like such a good deal, I'd be thinking there may be a catch too :!:
I pay £9.15 per month with Tesco for Olga, which only covers up to maximum £2500 or up to 1 year treatment with £60 excess. (Pretty rubbish cover I know, but I just went with Tesco as our other dog's insurance was with them, too lazy by far to look at other providers :oops: ). Made a claim for almost £2000 last year and the premiums only went up by around £1 on renewal this time. (excellent service on making the claim :) ).
Paddy is 10 years old, only been to the vet once in his life, years ago, and we claimed around £50 after excess. His premium jumped up to a whopping £29 per month this year with the same cover as Olga. When I queried it they said it's because of his age.
The quote you've had seems brilliant compared to Tesco.

Sue x

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Re: Pet insurance to good to be true?

Post by LynneL » 26 Jul 2010, 16:08

I'm with them. Insurance in this area is soooo expensive and I agree it seems too good to be true. I'm glad to her they pay up ok.

I would like more insurance BUT it is lifetime cover so was much better than Tesco etc had to offer. It was less that half the cost of most other insurances for similar cover so fingers crossed. :D

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Re: Pet insurance to good to be true?

Post by Bid » 26 Jul 2010, 17:17

There are usually some sneaky things in there I find. For example, I have just put in a claim for my cat Millie who sadly was pts last month. The bills for her illness amounted to slightly over £250. However, the euthansia costs were not covered, and the policy renewal date was during her treatment, which meant that I had to pay 2 excesses, so today I received a cheque from the insurance company for the paltry sum of £74 :(
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