Greenbee Insurance

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Greenbee Insurance

Post by delilah » 06 Aug 2010, 14:30

I think I remember Mrs. Admin saying she had got this for her two. I would be interested to know what it is like as Petplan are asking me for £327 - for an 8 month old healthy puppy for heavens sake!!!!!!! I cannot move Elly as she is too old, 10, and has arthritis which I know will be an ongoing problems but have cancelled Boo's cover as that amount is riduculous.

I am looking for a lifetime cover and getting my nickers in a twist!!

Any thoughs gratrefully received.

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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by MrsAdmin » 06 Aug 2010, 14:52

Kaaahoomuch :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :roll: :twisted:

Excuse me whilst I splutter into my coffee. Where do you live - the dog nicking capital of the world?, Bolivia? Kabul?

That is totally outrageous :shock:

Yes, I have Greenbee for my two and have the full lifetime cover, with £7,000 per year cover that renews each year. It cost me £154.58 for Jack (as a 2 year old - apparently it increases a bit as they get older) and Becky's was £104.28 (arranged before the prices went up). I have gone into it with a tooth comb each year and this is the best I can find that suits us. It's never worth compromising on good insurance. That's when things will go wrong and you will need to claim :roll:

They are listed as crossbreeds on Greenbee. They didn't have Labradoodles listed then, not sure if they do now. Be aware that the first 2 weeks she will not be covered for illness (I think) so wrap her in cotton wool until the initial claim period is over.

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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by spangle » 06 Aug 2010, 16:55

I'm getting quotes for my impending pup, Just for info ! Green Bee have quoted me £276 a year.
But are still lower in cost than Pet Plan :)


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kizzie whizz
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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by kizzie whizz » 06 Aug 2010, 18:29

I use Aviva, not had to claim yet so can't advise on how good they are at paying out. I pay just less than £10 per month for £3,500 cover per illness. Kizzie is 9 months old.

I hope this helps someone, Wendy
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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by delilah » 06 Aug 2010, 18:55

Well I settled on Greenbee thanks - £188 for Boo which is a considerable saving from the Petplan. Happily she is covered by Petplan, as I had added her to Elly's policy when I got her six months ago, until 19th August so will only have two or three days not covered!

Unfortunately I have to swallow the whopping £390 for Elly (10 years) as she has been with Petplan all her life, and if I change her now arthritic bits of her will be excluded by a new company!

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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by kiwi&dood » 06 Aug 2010, 20:07

Our Pet plan insurance seems to have risen from £18 to £21 in just a year and we havent claimed anything yet - I think its ridiculous! looks like greenbee could be the way forward.





Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by SBW2009 » 06 Aug 2010, 22:23

hi, someone on here recommended axa they do or did provide pet insurance for marks and sainsbury's i believe. It was only 130 a year for bondi-a lot cheaper than some for really good cover.

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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by Pauline » 13 Oct 2010, 17:04

It's interesting the different premiums - I think I would want one that does pay out quite a lot - I'm not sure £3500 is enough, More Than does pay up to £7000 including alternative medicine so hopefully that means physio & hydro.
Our new quote is £17.99 a month which works out at £216


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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by Deefer » 21 Mar 2011, 14:27

Greenbee looked like a good deal for us and John Lewis always had a good reputation - until we tried to make a claim. Nowhere in their policy documentation (nor in the letter they sent me telling me with the claim form) can I find it noted that you have to supply a full 12-month clinical history when making a claim. They said this was to ensure that you were not claiming for a pre-existing condition that you hadn't declared when you took out the insurance - even though the claim form asks the vet about that. Anyway, I don't have a problem with that but I think it should be made absolutely clear in ALL of their documentation and DEFINITELY on the claim form itself.

Needless to say, when I submitted my claim I only supplied the recent relevant vet records. The stuff was date-stamped by them on receipt but it took them two more weeks to send it back to me. It seems that they don't check it for completeness when it arrives - that happens at some later point. Anyway, I checked by phone what was missing and resubmitted the whole claim a week ago. I just called today to make sure it was being processed. Apparently they have no record of my making a claim at all. They have just told me on the phone that if they have an incomplete claim (like mine was, missing some info) then they don't enter it into their system at all. They insist on handling things in date received order but have such a backlog that they haven't even started processing the post received a week ago. My resubmitted claim will be treated as a brand new one and is now sitting at the back of the queue until they get round to entering the details from that day's post.

There is no guarantee that it will even be accepted at that point - I have no idea if they will demand more info from me and send the claim to the back of the queue again, nor how much of the claim will be met. And the final straw? They state that they will normally process a claim within five working days but I've just been told that because of their backlog it is likely to take five or six WEEKS.

Dealing with the death of our beautiful doodle is hard enough but dealing with this insurance company has made it even worse.

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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by Bid » 21 Mar 2011, 17:15

I'm with petplan but I only pay £34 a month for 2 doodles! You must have been looking at the all singing all dancing policy - I have the middle one which allows £4000 per year for life. I looked at Morethan, but that was £7000 per condition - with hindsight I reckon Daze will exceed that if she has to have a hip replacement and medication for life, so I'm glad I opted for the Petplan one.

I'm now extremely wary about changing. Obviously I can't change policies for Daisy, but I was thinking of changing for Poppy as PP no longer pay for ongoing hydrotherapy - just 10 sessions (although I think they've all changed to that now :evil: ) I was talking to one of the vets about it, and she said that the insurance companies now check back to all vets a dog has seen for any ailments that they've had that could be something to do with illnesses being claimed for :roll:
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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by juliarna » 22 Mar 2011, 20:32

I think the insurance thing as just gone stupid. The cost is terrible and if a claim is made insurance goes through the roof the next year.
I have seven dogs ( my choice ) and it would cost me over £300 a month to insure them because of their breeds and the ones age. I can't afford this.
What I have got is a public liabilty and accident cover for all 7 and it costs me £46 a month.
I save so much for vet bills each week and prayed until it mounted up that nothing would go wrong. ( it did with two dogs) but still am better off doing it this way.
When you go the vets they always ask are you insured and if you say yes you can guarentee it will be a higher vet bill than if you are not.
Also whether right or wrong I have puppy vacinations but no more after that ( it is just my opinion )
and a lot won't insure you unless you are up to date on injections.
Also some people do and some don't need kennel fee's and holiday cancellation fee's. I think that that should be an optional choice and if you don't need it why pay for it?
Like I say just my opinion.


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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by Deefer » 31 Mar 2011, 14:49

I posted ten days ago about John Lewis/Greenbee losing my claim. It just gets worse. I have now been told so many different things by different people on the phone - one tells me that claims are logged as pending when additional info has to be requested, others say that they aren't put into the system at all under those circumstances. All I know is that it took them two weeks to request more info to process my original claim (submitted in mid-Feb) and I sent that extra stuff to them several weeks ago. Every time I call I'm given the same story - we have no record of your original claim... we have no record of your newly-submitted forms... call in a few days, it should be on the system by then. In the meantime, they say they can do nothing. It looks as if I'll have to submit the details a third time and send them recorded delivery to prove that they actually arrive. Given that I'm claiming as a result of my lovely lad's death, this is just ridiculously stressful.

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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by jane and merlin » 31 Mar 2011, 17:27

Try looking at these people . several people on another site use them , they look pretty good
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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by mint192 » 31 Mar 2011, 18:13

Helloooo We are on Petplan with Riley, paying £29 a month, we have claimed around 4 times since August last year and we have had no problem.

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Re: Greenbee Insurance

Post by lemon1 » 26 May 2011, 12:38

Greenbee online quote:
Uo to £2000 - £415.34
Up to £3500 - £448.10
Up to £7000 - £464.78
Up to £1000 - £488.03

Help! About to get a puppy...

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