Discussion of experiences with obtaining and claiming on Pet Insurance, how to select an insurer and what to look for in a policy
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Post by TonyK » 03 Feb 2011, 17:15

Has anyone had experience with John Lewis pet insurance?

Having looked at all the options and taken peoples experiences into consideration their cover seems very appealing.

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Re: Insurance

Post by lizziesmum » 03 Feb 2011, 20:12

Isnt John Lewis ....Greenbee?

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Re: Insurance

Post by Linda&Coco » 04 Feb 2011, 14:11

John Lewis Insurance has changed from Green Bee to there own Insurance. My policy has not changed just the name. They now do a higher level of insurance at £12.000 per year.But I am sticking to £7.000.
My renewal is not till may so will be interested to see how much it goes up.


Coco & Barney

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