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Discussion of experiences with obtaining and claiming on Pet Insurance, how to select an insurer and what to look for in a policy
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Insurance Conversation

Post by MrsAdmin » 28 Feb 2011, 10:55

I renewed Jack's insurance this morning, with John Lewis (formerly Greenbee) and had a long discussion with the girl on the phone.

He has the nearly highest insurance level (£7,000 renewing every year and lifetime cover - I reckon even I really don't need £10,000 a year :roll: ) and his policy renewal come in at £162.31. When I did a comparison at GoCompare the same policy came in at £156.13.

I asked why this was and got the following points:

1. There is 2 week lag without cover for new policy holders so that is a reduction on the policy cost.

2. It is a safer bet for the insurance companies to take new people because any entry on the vet record, such as a rash, that then turns into a possible indication of a claimed condition later on, would be classed as a pre-existing condition and not allowed - e.g. the tummy aches that had nothing to do with Brodie's claims for major problems a few years ago.

We all knew they tried to get out of everything any way they could but this confirms it :evil:

However, if your dog already has a policy with them, then any thing that comes up on their vet record once you renew and continue the policy doesn't count because you are already covered by them :P

3. Charges for Crossbreeds are now dearer than for pedigrees because so many dogs are being crossed in stupid and dangerous ways - she particularly mentioned Shar Peis and Wolf Dogs and Inuits - that there are more and more claims coming in for crossbreeds, skewing the risks even for 'sensible' crosses, such as Doodles. :evil:

So if you actually know what your dog is made up from, rather than an unknown mongrel background, you are penalised :cry:

John Lewis don't distinguish between Doodles or other crosses, only listing pedigrees, so all crossbreeds get lumped in with the idiots creating nightmare dogs from daft combinations :evil:

4. If you ever make a claim, under this policy being a lifetime one, then you are not penalised for this when the renewal costs comes round again because "John Lewis knows that pet insurance is dealing with living creatures, not like car insurance, so there is no penalities on making claims' :P

I have yet to put this to the test, and hope I never need to, but a first to actually have a company realise that dogs are animals and not things :shock:

I have renewed, and also sorted out my Mum's little rescue pup, Lola, with insurance (as a mongrel as we don't actually know what she is made from) because I reckon John Lewis is a good company and the policy is actually very good, with loads of cover of all sorts, written in a clear, factual manner you can understand.

However, I thought it an interesting and informative discussion. :?

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Re: Insurance Conversation

Post by Pollydoodle » 28 Feb 2011, 17:58

Thanks Cecilia.
(agghh :evil: :evil: finally able to log back in here-muter mutter!)

I have heard good things about John Lewis Pet Insurance. I have a quote I fully intend to take out with them too. As you say the plain language is good. thanks for the posting


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