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1st Bath? Help??

Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 11:32
by durhamdoodler
Since picking Alfie up over a week ago, he smells as if he needs freshened up, obviously just 'litter' smell, not a stench, but a distinctive smell, have tried wiping him down with hypo-allergenic wipes, but both him & his bedding have this smell and seems to be getting a bit stronger. He is eight weeks old now, is it too soon to bathe him?

Cheers - Denise.x

Re: 1st Bath? Help??

Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 11:48
by Liz!
no, in fact I'd do it asap, to get him used to it.

We didn't go down the bath route as you are effectively just washing them in their own dirt, and boy, what alot of that there is, even with a tiny dog like Lola.

We got a rubber mat for the bottom of the bath - you can use a folded towel at first, but they slip, and can scare the dog if he/she struggles. I'd definitely go for a mat first.

Have towels ready, at least 2.

Then we put the shower on low and got the temp to warm - not a huge scary noisy flow, just gentle. Got the shampoo ready. You can use just conditioner which is less harsh. Then also have a LOT of very tasty but tiny treats on hand. Put dog on mat, feed some treats. move shower a little nearer. When feet wet from the water in the bath, put shower nearer feet, giving treats at same time if the dg seems disturbed. Keep calm and happy, DON'T speak reassuringly or the dog will think there is something wrong. Talk normally and brightly.

This is what we did - it easier than a bath, involves less sloshing and water all over the place, and the dg gets less drenched as water is running off all the time rather than staying on them all the time as in a bath. Also less drying for their skin.

If you get to use shampoo this first time make sure it is rinsed off very thoroughly so as not to cause irritation. Lift do out in towel and make huge fuss and give more treats, and cuddle til dry. (You will get wet so wear old clothes!!)

Re: 1st Bath? Help??

Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 12:14
by Norfolk family
We got Casper last Tuesday and I put him in the bath and showered him using puppy shampoo on Saturday. Around his mouth still smells and he has puppy breath. He just sat in the bath and there was no fuss from him at all! I just towelled him dry. If they seem settled then there's no reason why you shouldn't wash them xxx

Re: 1st Bath? Help??

Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 15:00
by barney the bear
yes bath as soon as possible.we alway wash there body leaving there head dry rinse body then wash there heads because they will shake when there heads are wet.another tip we got hot water put out side so when we have to bath or as i did this morning wash there feet and tummys my little babys don`t get cold and it saves loads of mess through the house.

Re: 1st Bath? Help??

Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 17:25
by Sarah Bevan
We bathed Jessie after about 4 days, couldn't stand the smell any longer!

Re: 1st Bath? Help??

Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 17:43
by durhamdoodler
That's great, thank you all for that,& will bath him tomorrow which will give me a chance to launder the bedding that smells now, I've ordered, some 'vet bed' at a great price for my kitchen crate & car crate and then everything should be fresh & hopefully smell-free!!! Thanks again all,


Re: 1st Bath? Help??

Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 22:46
by Ripley&Ryan
I bathed Ripley the day after we got him home, the breeder owned a farm and he was raised in a barn so smelled like Wurzel Gumidge!
It was a good bonding experience to be honest and I think it was a turning point in him trusting me.