Lifetime insurance coverage in doubt!

Discussion of experiences with obtaining and claiming on Pet Insurance, how to select an insurer and what to look for in a policy
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Lifetime insurance coverage in doubt!

Post by Jaybz » 08 Feb 2013, 12:18

Oh dear! I hope this isn't a sign of the times. Anyone have problems with this? ... 06958.html

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Re: Lifetime insurance coverage in doubt!

Post by Maggie111 » 08 Feb 2013, 14:34

It is a little sign of the times - I'd definitely recommend people to seriously consider which insurance company they go with for this reason. There are a lot of insurance companies that are unlikely to have similar issues, but you can never be too sure - considering you may need insurance for 16 years!

The best you can do is to go with a very reputable brand that is also very popular - that way if it does withdraw from the market you have 100000 other people on your side!!

It's absolutely horrendous what they've done, and I bet that woman's case isn't the worse by a long shot! :evil:

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Re: Lifetime insurance coverage in doubt!

Post by Liz!! » 08 Feb 2013, 18:27

Lola was one of these dogs. She was insured by Halifax, I was horrified as we had been paying a lot of money for her cover to ensure her being fully comp and for her life. Luckily the charity's insurance took her on - but their policy is not as good.
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Re: Lifetime insurance coverage in doubt!

Post by Doodle Dee » 09 Feb 2013, 09:26

When we had my other dog we were with Pet Plan but when he was 8 they put the premiums up so much we decided to look around for a policy that took older dogs (Equine and Livestock Insurance) which were very good but when Alfie died didn't pay out the money I had paid for him (which was really going to go to charity) as they don't pay out after the dog had turned 10.! Whilst this wasn't a problem (well it was but...) we just didn't know!

Insurance is a minefield. I am now with Pet Plan - it says covered for Life and hopefully this is the best we can do for Lulu insurance wise.

Is there any sort of research into the best of pet insurance so you will be aware of what you actually get paid out for other than what is on the "benefit schedule".
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