Sainsburys Pet Insurance

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Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Post by cjp » 14 Mar 2013, 12:28

Have been with Sainsburys Pet Insurance for last 2 years, fortunately no claims - just received renewal notice and as well as usual annual hike in price they are changing the excess to 10% of claim plus £75 - is this becoming the norm, seems expensive to me - they blame it on escalating vet bills. Not sure where to look for insurance now. Is there any company that stands out above the rest for a doodle?

pixie's mum
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Re: Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Post by pixie's mum » 14 Mar 2013, 12:31

I'm with sainsburys and have had a few claims which they have dealt with very well and efficiently and I stayed with them particularly as I had an elderley dog that I couldn't otherwise get insurance for - I will now however do comparisons at renewal to ensure a good deal.
I have heard good things about John Lewis insurance so will start with that

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Re: Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Post by Glenda » 14 Mar 2013, 14:35

I'm also with Sainsburys and got the same renewal notice as you.

I have had to make 2 claims for Deano and one was particularly large - they were very efficient
and quick to pay out so I have decided to stay with them.

I'm thinking... better the devil you know, than don't! :D :D


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Re: Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Post by Maggie111 » 14 Mar 2013, 14:46

If you haven't made a claim do shop around. We are with PetPlan and Barney's excess is £90. We've been with them for a few years with Boo, with various health problems and we're very happy.

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Re: Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Post by loubyloufa » 14 Mar 2013, 14:59

I too am with PetPlan as a friend has a donkey doodle that had a joint problem and PetPlan were fantastic. They paid out for hydrotherapy/injections and finally an op which fortunately sorted the problem. All of the above we're without quibble!

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Re: Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Post by Masil » 14 Mar 2013, 15:15

I am with AXA as it suited our requirements when Coco was insured for the first time last April. I'm expecting the renewal notice in the next couple of weeks and I will shop around if I think the price hike is excessive (we have had no claims). I have heard a lot of talk about premiums going up due to escalating vet bills - the whole industry is ripe for some form of investigation I think :evil:
Many people say it's better to go with a specialist pet insurer rather than a general insurance provider - there have been cases of companies withdrawing from the pet insurance market and then customers being unable to get cover elsewhere due to their pet having an existing condition. A lot of people highly recommend PetPlan - I think they are the best but their premiums reflect that.

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Re: Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Post by Alfitil » 14 Mar 2013, 16:07

Healthy pets are excellant Alfie premium went up by £1.60 and Tilly's £1.10 they don't use the % claim till 5 years old and a choice of two excesses very quick at paying out will pay vet direct never had any problems I also have four cats,including 4 cats 2 doodles I pay £61.00 per month

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Re: Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Post by Salsis » 14 Mar 2013, 16:58

Ours is with marks and spencer, not had to use it yet but chose this as they have paid out for all kinds of expenses around my brothers dogs hip.
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