Crossbreed rating

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Re: Crossbreed rating

Post by Roodlepippin » 28 Jun 2013, 14:01

Woody's down as a labradoodle with Petplan too. It is £28 per month (and that's with a free month :shock:). It' about double what I expected to pay - a ridiculous amount.

However... as Loubyloufa says, I figured it was better to have an all-singing, all dancing policy for the first couple of years of his life because if there's anything significant wrong, I hope it will show up by then. That way, if something does go wrong which is going to cost squidillions over his lifetime, we can just carry on with the lifetime policy.

If he makes it to the grand old age of two or three without anything major going wrong, I will start looking for a cheaper policy so that we are covered for extreme events but nothing else.

Everyone says that the insurers put their premiums up every year whether you claim or not, so I plan to claim for absolutely everything I can, and at some point we will have to ditch the insurance altogether because I imagine by the time he's five, it will be several thousand pounds a month... :lol:

I think the whole pet health / insurance industry is overdue for some sort of regulatory investigation, with vets bills increasing and premiums rising in step. The more people have insurance, the more vets feel they can charge, and the higher the premiums get.

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Re: Crossbreed rating

Post by george-tambo » 11 Jul 2013, 21:52

We have jut recently switched from pet plan to john Lewis and they Said labradoodle wasn't on their list so he's down as poodle cross but have a note on the file saying he is an austrlian labradoodle in case we needed to claim and they Said we had given false information ( a s d is on the pet plan list of breeds) not sure if w have done the right thing changing but it was £130 yr cheaper and less excess.

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