Lifetime Cover: New provider v's PetPlan etc ?

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Lifetime Cover: New provider v's PetPlan etc ?

Post by Sammyez » 09 Mar 2017, 18:34

Just navigating through the minefield of different pet insurance quotes. I have decided to go for Lifetime cover for my puppy.
Having looked through the various covers and reviews I have narrowed the search down to the following:

1) Pet Plan : Classic cover: promoted by my vet and has lots of good reviews but is pricey (£26.00 pm for £4k cover)

2) Lifetime Pet Cover : cheaper than PetPlan but no death or accident cover (£18.97 pm for £4k cover)

3) Bought By Many : A new entrant to the market offering a more comprehensive cover (£17.50 for £15k cover or £13.40 for £7k cover)

Having looked into Bought By Many it's new provider but has 5 star Defacto rating in the insurance industry and looks to be setting a new trend.

How it works: ... -insurance

Does anyone have any experience of Bought By Many ?

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Re: Lifetime Cover: New provider v's PetPlan etc ?

Post by tynkerbelluk » 01 Jun 2017, 22:05

Hi Sammyez, I have been a member on the forum for a long time but haven't posted in ages. Like many others I still follow the news as I have UKLA as my home page 8)

We have just had Archie's insurance renewal and as usual it had increased phenomenally :shock: So it was back to the drawing board. We've always tried to cover him as comprehensively as possible as our last dog unfortunately was a regular at the vets.

When I saw your post I was intrigued so spent two days researching as thoroughly as possible. I talked it through with my husband and the quote for their 'COMPLETE' policy is the one I have gone for.

Fingers crossed we have done the right thing.

What did you decide in the end?

I noticed you didn't have any replies to this post. Anyone out there got got any info on this?
Sharron and Archie


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Re: Lifetime Cover: New provider v's PetPlan etc ?

Post by jonb » 02 Jun 2017, 08:55

I used Petplan for the first few years with Roker but this time around they sent me a renewal that had jumped up massively. I checked as a new customer on their site and it was way lower. Now i know new customers will get better offers to hook them but i rang them to see if it would come down a bit as is normally the case with any sort of insurance. They flat out refused over the phone to budge on the price when i rang so i then contacted them via the chat feature on their website to advise i wanted to cancel not auto renew and this guy said hang on i'll see what i can do. He came back saying he had got me a great deal and knocked me off....£2 a month!! I told him i wasnt interested and it was a joke offer. Now with Tesco which on paper seems a lot better coverage especially their cover for when we take Roker to France with us and is a lot cheaper.

The big test obviously is when you come to have to use it which, touch wood, we've never had to do as yet.

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Re: Lifetime Cover: New provider v's PetPlan etc ?

Post by linny » 05 Jun 2017, 17:27

I used to use M&S but when they increased premiums drastically I changed to Pet Plan. When Jethro was diagnosed with a malignant tumour I expected a big increase when my renewal came through ...but it didn't.....It has stayed reasonable
Pet Plan were extremely helpful from beginning to end when I made a claim for Jethro,they also paid up very quickly.
Ambrose will be 9 in August so it will be interesting to see if the premium increases significantly then.

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Re: Lifetime Cover: New provider v's PetPlan etc ?

Post by kobi&jazz » 05 Jun 2017, 23:55

This was the headlines in a newspaper recently - its getting ridiculous :evil:

COSTLY COVER Budget 2017 – Insurance premiums will go up by £109 a year thanks to tax hike.
It applies to most areas of general insurance including motor home, pet, car and health insurances but excludes travel insurance (which has its own 20 per cent tax), life insurance and income protection.

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Re: Lifetime Cover: New provider v's PetPlan etc ?

Post by Bid » 07 Jun 2017, 00:05

I am with Petplan, and wouldn't change. We actually haven't had a large increase in premium - I think it went up by £3. Also we have been claiming for Daisy for years and they premium doesn;t go up when you claim, which I think is unique to Petplan.

Daisy and Poppy are now over the magic age of 8, so are on senior rates. They have a joint policy of £66 a month, when claiming the excess is £120, and I pay 20% of vet bills. It's manageable for most things, but for Daisy's recent op which was over £2000, I did have to pay out around £600.
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