Sibling Search

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Sibling Search

Post by Bid » 13 Oct 2011, 18:44

I'm not entirely sure this section gets read, but if it does, could we have "Sibling Search" section? Lots of people like to compare notes on other pups in the litter, and meet up if they are in the same are.

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Re: Sibling Search

Post by Liz! » 13 Oct 2011, 18:46

I agree, I'd read it if only there was one! I so want to know about Lola's brothers and sister!
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Re: Sibling Search

Post by lizziesmum » 13 Oct 2011, 18:49

Lizzies siblings went all over the country.....then disappeared. :( :( :roll: :roll: :cry: :cry:

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Re: Sibling Search

Post by whirlwindmum » 13 Oct 2011, 19:18

What a great idea, i found one of Alfies siblings on here, but only by been really noisy :oops: :oops:
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Re: Sibling Search

Post by baskerville1967 » 13 Oct 2011, 19:25

Fantastic idea!!!!!!!!! Yes please!!!!!
How amazing would that be!!!

excited just thinking about it. :D :P :D :P :D :P :D :P

Sarah Bevan
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Re: Sibling Search

Post by Sarah Bevan » 13 Oct 2011, 19:25

What a good idea.
Sarah and Jessie

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Re: Sibling Search

Post by elainendexter » 13 Oct 2011, 19:39

i thought of phoneing dexters breader to ask if any of hes sibblings keep in touch with her and i would love to see if they are as big as dexter.
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Re: Sibling Search

Post by Nimitor » 13 Oct 2011, 19:44

I would love to find out what happened to Wes's siblings, and I know there is a new litter going out now!

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Kirstie & Murphy
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Re: Sibling Search

Post by Kirstie & Murphy » 13 Oct 2011, 20:10

I'd love to find some of Murphy's siblings, I contacted the breeder in June and still waiting for her to get back to me :(
Kirstie & Murphy
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Re: Sibling Search

Post by allyjayne » 13 Oct 2011, 20:20

I think thats a fantastic idea! :P :P
I'm really lucky that way Herbie's one of 12 I groom 2 of his litter brothers and 2 1/2 brothers and at the doodle show I found another brother so I'm really lucky the breeder kept another brother as a stud dog so out of 12 I've met 4 and got one but if the other 7 are looking in Herbie sends big love
Ps he's found Lucy Hickey in Shropshire 02/07/2009 Lupin and Timber

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Re: Sibling Search

Post by stout » 13 Oct 2011, 20:44

That sounds like a really good idea! I didn't think I would be anywhere as excited I am about the possibility of meeting one of Stouts brothers!

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The Turners
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Re: Sibling Search

Post by The Turners » 13 Oct 2011, 20:48

Great idea :D . Wurly was one of 12, and although we do send updates to the breeder, we haven’t been able to get in touch with any siblings as they don't keep in touch with her :(
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Re: Sibling Search

Post by Alibobs » 13 Oct 2011, 20:56

Fantastic idea! Lola was one of 8 and I would love to meet up with them. x :D x
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Re: Sibling Search

Post by Rowan11 » 13 Oct 2011, 21:00

yes - great idea ! i would like that. x
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Re: Sibling Search

Post by Dog-Dog » 13 Oct 2011, 21:44

That's a fantastic idea, I'd love to know where Tiegan and Kaylers siblings are and how they are doing :D


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