A very sad Lulu

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Re: A very sad Lulu

Post by nicollf » 25 Jun 2012, 17:35

So sorry, cannot really think of anything to say that has not been said, It's hard to lose a companion after all those years and hard for Lulu too. Our thoughts are with you.

xx Lottie and Fiona

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The Griswalls
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Re: A very sad Lulu

Post by The Griswalls » 25 Jun 2012, 17:47

I can sympathise with you as we had to say goodbye to our fabulous 14 year old boxer bitch called Blaze at the beginning of February. It's still enormously raw to think about :( :( .

Poor Ruby had only ever known life with her furry sister so she took it very hard. You could see her physically grieve for her beloved playmate. It was a good three weeks before she got her appetite back as well as her zest for life.

We had always wondered about getting another dog when Blaze left us and seeing Ruby suffer cemented the deal.

Ember is such a little 'class clown' that she has made the whole transition period an awful lot easier.

Our thoughts are with all of you.
Amanda John Ruby & Ember xx


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Re: A very sad Lulu

Post by Alfieandlindsey » 25 Jun 2012, 18:20

:cry: sending me love and sympathy to both you and lulu. Xx

Lindsey and Alfie x

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Re: A very sad Lulu

Post by elainendexter » 25 Jun 2012, 19:00

sorry to hear you have lost your little dog ,but it was a good age ,and you did the right thing to let lulu smell him i did that with my cat ,let the other cat and our dexter smell her ,i dont know if they know that there gone.Remeber all the good times you had together.
Image this is when grandaughter put dexter some platts in.

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Re: A very sad Lulu

Post by ArchieBoy » 25 Jun 2012, 19:08

Aww Alison, I am so sorry to learn the sad news about Bruno :( Bless his little heart. I hope Lulu is coping with the loss of her friend :(

It is so hard though when our companions leave us. My beautiful golden retriever, Harvey, passed away very suddenly on New Years Eve and it is still so raw. I miss him so much and would give anything to have him with me again. I just miss him :(

Bruno, run free at Rainbow Bridge little Fella. You enjoy the eternal summer sunshine and watch over your family from that lovely hillside x x x x

Take care Alison and big hugs for Lulu

Kirsty and Archie


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Re: A very sad Lulu

Post by Rowan11 » 25 Jun 2012, 20:35

aahhh bless you all :( it just tears your heart out doesnt it :cry:
thinking of you. x
Dawn & Luna x

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Re: A very sad Lulu

Post by Glenda » 25 Jun 2012, 22:25

I am so sorry :( Huge hugs for you and Lulu xx


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Re: A very sad Lulu

Post by Eric » 25 Jun 2012, 23:12

That's brought a tear to my eye too, what a sad time. Thinking of you x


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Re: A very sad Lulu

Post by linny » 26 Jun 2012, 09:22

:( :( So sad to read about the passing of Bruno :( :(
Sending a big hug to you all and a special one for Lulu.
I too lost my much loved BT Kerris in February at 16 years of age and my dogs mourned for her for three or four weeks, and even now all ears will prick if we mention her name :(
Thinking of you.
Run free Bruno....lovely boy.

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