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Doodle meets Bucks/Northants/Beds

Posted: 16 Jan 2016, 12:22
by Alan&Jean
3 weeks and Ziva will be on her first walk. Are there any meets of doodles within a 30/40 mile radius of Milton Keynes ?

Re: Doodle meets Bucks/Northants/Beds

Posted: 28 Jan 2016, 18:26
by Ianto!
Hi Alan&Jean,

Whilst I don't know of any Meet groups specifically for your area, there are two that you may be interested in if you don't mind travelling...

One is the 'Doodle Friends Midlands' group which meets on Saturday - usually the third Saturday in the month - at 11 am in Coombe Abbey country park (approx. 48 miles from central M.K.)

The other is the 'East Midlands Doodle Meet Group' - whilst we often meet at Elvaston Castle, because the East Mids is such a huge area we also try to make sure there are Meets around the area - there is one scheduled for Sunday, 28 February at East Carlton country park (approx. 42 miles from central M.K.)

Both of the groups can be found on Facebook - they are Closed groups but you just need to ask to join... If you're not on FB, I tend to post the East Mids (and the S & W Yorks) Meets in this section.

I think you probably need to be fairly mobile for both of these locations, especially during the winter months as the ground is undulating and, more often than not, very muddy! :lol: As she is still quite young, you may need to carry her for part of the way, or maybe only do a section of the walk - I hope Ziva gets to meet some new doodle friends soon -

Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

Re: Doodle meets Bucks/Northants/Beds

Posted: 05 Feb 2016, 17:44
by Alan&Jean
Many thanks Anne for your time in answering my question and your very informative reply.
I think we will look into coming to some of your events as soon as she is trained to come back when asked. She is doing very well already with things we ask but we haven't yet had the bottle to let her run free. Mustn't run before we can walk.
We will probably combine a long weekend trip to coincide with one of your meets.
Thanks again
Alan &Jean

Re: Doodle meets Bucks/Northants/Beds

Posted: 05 Feb 2016, 19:54
by Ianto!
You're welcome! :D Our doods love a good 'Doodle Dash', but you do need to be careful when the pups are young...
If you can find somewhere safe and enclosed, it is best to start letting your dood off-lead as soon as possible - when they are younger, they're more worried about losing you and will follow you. You could try using a trailing line if you're concerned about being able to retrieve her! (But only if there are no other dogs around otherwise there is a risk of injury.)
For various reasons, I wasn't able to let my lad off the lead until he was five months old and rather braver, which made it more difficult... Fortunately, another doodle's 'Mum' offered to go with us to a playing field and he learned from the older dood what was expected of him. (Sadly, things have gone downhill with his Recall since then, and I'm back to using a long line :( but I live in hope!) Our younger dood was able to go off-lead early, and he is happy just to run in huge circles around us, checking back in every so often.
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x