Yorkshire Doodlers Sunday 4 Dec 2016 Pugneys

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Yorkshire Doodlers Sunday 4 Dec 2016 Pugneys

Post by Ianto! » 03 Dec 2016, 13:19


Short notice, I know, but the Yorkshire Doodlers (formerly known as the South & West Yorkshire Doodle Meet group) will be gathering at Pugneys country park, Wakefield for the first time in a while tomorrow... (they've been hanging out at Cannon Hall recently.)

Due to a Santa's Boot Camp in the morning, the time has been changed from their normal one to 12 noon... They will be found on the green sward in front of the car park, just a little way down from the cafe. The more organised amongst them will be taking part in their famous 'Secret Santa' - but don't worry if you didn't know about it (or, like me, forgot the cut-off date!) - it's not necessary to be in it to enjoy all the fun of a good ol' Doodle Dash with a mug of coffee for chasers....!

There is a parking charge and, unless things have changed radically, you need to keep your eye on the ticket machine to ensure that it's counted all your pennies - otherwise you can find yourself in conversation with the 'powers-that-be', explaining that you surely weren't trying to get away with parking for four hours cheaply by with-holding a whole ten pence.... (guess who's had that personal experience??? :roll: )

The cafe and toilets are at the side of the car park, and there is a hot 'shower' available for your dood/s, which is advisable if you don't want to travel home with the windows wide open... 50p provides an abundance of hot water, but I believe it has to be an actual 50p... Bring shampoo, a towel and, if you're staying for refreshments, a jacket or 'robe to keep your dood comfortable whilst they scoff doggy treats (or in Ianto's case, attempt to snaffle hoom variety...)

Pugneys is really easy to find from M1 Jct39... Come off the m'way and from the roundabout, take the turning towards Wakefield. There are two, smaller roundabouts. It may be a good idea to stay in the outside lane as the garden centre had an enormous queue outside it last year (something to do with selling Christmas trees...) Go straight across the first, and take the third turn at the second - take care though as the Pugneys turn is a little confusing. If the car park is busy, you may get re-directed to the over-flow - whatever you do, don't try to park on the verge outside... Parking tickets were issued last year.

Don't rely on the postcode for Pugneys - it takes you straight to a supermarket... It may be easier to use the code for The Swan & Cygnet pub as a general marker (it's on the second roundabout) and then find it from there...

Ianto is looking forward to some mud and goose pooh... he may even be allowed off-lead! Hope you can make it too -

Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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