Midlands Doodle Meet

This forum is for organising regional, informal meetings for owners, prospective owners, breeders etc
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Post by Larlie » 09 Mar 2007, 10:45

Oh dam, just remebered i'm on a hen weekend on 21st-22nd April, how could i have forgotten, so won't make the meet after all.
When we eventually get to Redditch for the weekend i'll let you know Eileen and Molly and we could try and arrange for the doods to have a play. :D

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Post by eileenandmolly » 13 Mar 2007, 20:37

Hi Larlie, Do that!!! Would be fun!!! Eileen x

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is it just u and me Eileen??

Post by Sonia1309 » 13 Mar 2007, 22:21


If there's only you and i who can make 1st April Eileen please feel free to change the date, I'm flexible really so can fit in with everyone else :D

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Post by eileenandmolly » 14 Mar 2007, 20:52

Hi Sonia, I'd still like to meet if you're ok with that - it's only 1/2 hour or so for Moll and me, and I think she'd love it!!! 11.00 at Wyre Forest Centre, ok? I'm also still up for the Leicestershire one as well.

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Millie's family
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Post by Millie's family » 15 Mar 2007, 11:44

Hi - which entrance to Bradgate Park? Newtown Linford or the other end?

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Post by Doodie's_mum » 15 Mar 2007, 12:00

There are two entrances? :?

Which one do you think would be better?

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Post by doodleymad » 15 Mar 2007, 21:02

Hi all. im new to this site,but would love to meet up at bradgate park,with my two doodles Molly & bessie.

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Post by Ferrarirob » 02 Aug 2007, 19:19

Hi. We will not have Brian until 23/8/07, when he will only be 9 weeks old, but we would up for a meet sometime in the future at Wyre Forest Centre.
" Wish I was clever like you Brian"

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Post by yoz1881 » 02 Aug 2007, 19:35

Hi Rob, I think this thread is a bit out of date now, but there is another one called Middle England. We're trying to organise something next month, would be great to see you and Brian
Catherine, owner of Roger & Dylan, the up and coming stud dogs ;-)

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Post by eileenandmolly » 02 Aug 2007, 21:29

Thanks Catherine, and welcome Ferrari Rob (do you REALLY have a Ferrari, or is your doodle as fast as a Ferrari??!!)

Wyre Forest centre is looking good at the moment. Will wait for a day or two in case there is more interest, and then make final arrangements to suit most people's wishes!

But, as Catherine says, everybody, look on the Middle England thread on the MESS forum, so we can get as many people at our meet as possible!

:D :D :D

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Re: Midlands Doodle Meet

Post by moguie » 25 Mar 2016, 23:06

Are there any doodle owners in South Leicestershire as I would like to get familiar with them before I hopefully get my puppy later in the year?


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