wieght problem

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wieght problem

Post by juney1 » 24 Jan 2021, 16:51

i have a very fussy dog who is gaining i think too much wieght which is wierd when its taken me 2 years to find him something he will eat in one go .some one said he has too many calories going in and not enough going out ,he is very active and gets a really good run every day ,does agilitly monthly ,currently on forthglade wet which is approx 150calories per 100grms of this and he is eating 400grms a day which is less than they recomend .plus a dental stick a day does this sound too much or not enough ,he has vets next week for booster so will find out more hopefully

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Re: wieght problem

Post by linny » 25 Jan 2021, 11:45

Hi there ,😊
What height and weight is your boy at the moment?

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