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Pet Insurance

Obtaining Pet Insurance for your dog is more or less a necessity these days with vet's bills continuing to rise annually and the increase in claims for health or injury reasons. Finding the right Pet Insurance can be a challenging task as it is not simply a question of finding the cheapest quote but of choosing the right plan from the right insurer to suit your situation and your dog.

Vets and Insurers alike have realised what a lucrative market Pet Insurance can be - as owners we are often all too willing to spend money on our dogs to spare them any suffering. This cycle has only made the vet bills, the majority of which are now covered by Pet Insurance and insurance premiums push higher.

So how can you find the right plan form the right company for your labradoodle? The first (perhaps the only!) bit of good news is that, as long as you can bring yourself to tick the box marked "crossbreed" and admit tht the UKKC thinks nothing of our little darlings, you will find that the premiums levied are considerably lower than most recognised breeds.

After that it is a matter of sorting out the options so you can truly compare like with like. Pet Insurance, in common with household and vehicle policies is influenced by a number of factors including: the post code you live in, the amount of excess you are prepared to pay, limits on the extent of claims that may be covered, possible exlcusions of coverage of claims and several other factors.

Often companies will offer introductory discounts on new Pet Insurance policies for your dog but watch out for the true annual premium that will kick in upon renewal. You may also find that your existing insurer will give you a discount for adding Pet Insurance to your existing domestic or vehicle policies but again check that you are comparing like for like when weighing up a mainstream insurance company with one of the specialist ones.

We have opened a special Pet Insurance topic in our forums for owners to discuss their experiences obtaining, and claiming on, their policies for vet's bills and other matters. Please feel free to contribute and share your stories with us.

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