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Re: Woofability

Post by Loloball » 12 Dec 2019, 22:33

Hey. Not sure if anyone is still interested but we have a woofability dog. We got him last year. He was skinny. Nervous, had no muscle and needed a new home. Hhe would never have made an assistance dog. I adore hi. but he was not well trained.
Out of over 100 dogs they had only five suited to carry on training with a new charity (nothing to do with Clarke).

The dogs were so badly looked after. One (willow) was used for breeding- far too many litters. Suffered terrible arthritis which was not helped by living in kennels. She found a loving home.

Our dog is a family pet. We adore her and feel sickened that this charity exploited both vulnerable people and animals. Thank goodness they are no more.

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Re: Woofability

Post by linny » 15 Dec 2019, 00:20

Nice to hear that a Woofability dog has at least found a loving home...😊
The fact that she was skinny ,nervous and untrained is really no surprise considering the conditions they were kept in.
How they managed to fool everyone for so long still amazes me,
I'm really pleased that you have first hand experience of one of those poor dogs and that you can speak openly about her.
I do hope that with your love and patience she will recover her trust in humans.
Thank you for helping her through her obvious neglect.😥

Would love to see a pic?😊😊

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Re: Woofability

Post by barker » 05 Jan 2020, 21:35

Unfortunately this 'man' Clarke is still about, thinking he is a trainer :oops: There are still people about that believe his lies. :oops: Hes been spotted in Southbourne,Bournemouth with one of the poor ex woofability dogs supposedly doing some ' training' :oops: poor dog

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