slowly on the mend.

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minnie the gdoodle
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slowly on the mend.

Post by minnie the gdoodle » 22 May 2014, 12:03

had my operation on tuesday took minnie moo to the hospital to drop me off and guess who was second out of the car? yup moo straight into reception back out and back in again to double check the coast was clear,ok you can go in now :lol: its like i have my own protection squad you could almost hear her saying "clear left, clear right nobody suspiciuos let the boss in but watch the outer perimeter for snipers"
Rugby tackled the idiot on her second time she appeared and apologised to the staff for our naughty puppy,puppy came the question aye naughty puppy replies the wife.
have got to take things easy for a while not easy when i have to watch the wife at times struggling but hopefully not for long.Moo is being a model dog goes out for wees and poos then sparks on the setee and watches the inside of her eyelids whilst i watch daily tv a bit sore and im sure she knows as she hasnt butted me in the goolies like she sometimes does maybe lulling me into a false sense of security then let me have it :roll:

pixie's mum
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Re: slowly on the mend.

Post by pixie's mum » 22 May 2014, 14:52

Glad your op went well and hope you feel better soon
It's nice that moo introduced herself to your medical team - no way they would mess with you now!
Be a good girl moo and be gentle with dad - at least for a few days

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Re: slowly on the mend.

Post by swardie » 22 May 2014, 17:55

Yay, good girl, Moo, and hope all goes well for Dad, too.

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Re: slowly on the mend.

Post by Manda64 » 22 May 2014, 18:56

Good to hear the op went ok, now Moo can show off her nursing skills. :lol:

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Re: slowly on the mend.

Post by Mollysmom » 22 May 2014, 20:16

It sounds like you got your own little warden thats what my friend calls her dog my granddog . Her dog was my dogs last litter and my dog died when the pups where 2days old due to complication anyway I raised her 3pups and gave them to my friends. Im very attached to them all they are like my grandbabys. Anyway my Friend has three other dogs and 2 cats and Sophia is like the warden and everybody is her prisoner she does her rounds a couple times a day to make sure everyones behaving and then she comes back to mom to report all is well. Or that somthings not right. Theres one guy that comes over to her house that sophia doesn't like and she will sit right in front of him and watch him the whole time he's there if he trys to pet her she will growl at him They call her the warden and by the sounds of things. It might be an apropriate name for your Moo. Making sure all is well before you go into the hospital then reporting back to you that all is well.

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