Caravaning with 3 children and a doodle

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Caravaning with 3 children and a doodle

Post by loolypyloo » 29 Oct 2015, 08:10

I am not yet lucky enough to own a labradoodle. But really hope to next year.
I was just wondering if anyone out there takes their doodle in a caravan? We are keen caravanners ( sorry, making my own words up now) and wonder how other people manage with a doodle aswell?
I'm presuming I would need to pick our site carefulky( dog friendly) and also choose areas in the country that we are able to take our doodle out everywhere with us.
Any tips would be gratefully received

A hopeful doodle owner soon

Lisa x

Harvey Doodle
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Re: Caravaning with 3 children and a doodle

Post by Harvey Doodle » 29 Oct 2015, 10:16

Hi Lisa

We have a motorhome rather than a caravan but the issues of travelling with a doodle will be very similar. We LOVE it. Below are a few thoughts on items you should consider.

1. Campsites: I've only found a couple of sites that do not allow dogs; some may have a particular area that they will pitch campers with dogs. These tend to be the large commercial sites with an emphasis on entertainment. Some very small farm based sites may have restrictions because of their livestock.
You will find many more sites that will not accept children than dogs; i.e. adult only sites.
All the sites run by either the Caravan Club or the Camping & Caravan Club accept dogs at no extra cost; many commercial sites will charge about £1.50 per night for the dog.
Dogs have to be kept on lead whilst in the pitching area, but most provide a dog walk although that may be restricted to on lead walking dependent upon the site.
Most don't allow dogs to be left alone in the caravan or motorhome ( but we wouldn't do that to our doodles anyway!!)
You might get a conflict on where you and the children want to sit or lay, and where the doodle wants to..... they usually win :lol:

2. Travelling: You will obviously have to make room in the car for the doodle (and the 3 children) which may reduce how much gear can be taken. We don't have that problem as he lays on a thick pad between the front seats of the motorhome (with a harness fixed to the seat mountings) so doesn't intrude into luggage space. The minute the engine is started he is there laying down with the "where are we off to now, Dad" look.

3. Activities whilst on holiday. This may be the biggest problem, if you want to take the children to various attractions, theme parks etc then they often won't accept dogs. Likewise someone will have to stay outside with the dog when shopping. We have adapted what we visit because we have Harvey, but then we don't have children with us so there isn't a conflict of interest.

We find having the doodle with us creates a lot of interest frequently being asked what he is... and Harvey is a real people loving dog and really enjoys the attention.

We restrict our touring to the UK so don't get involved with Pet Passports etc, but many people take their dogs to the Continent in their caravans and motorhomes.

Having a dog does mean a change of lifestyle because you have to think of the dog's comfort & welfare, you will be travelling with 3 children so will have already made many of those changes. Enjoy the adventure.
Ken, Marion & Harvey

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Re: Caravaning with 3 children and a doodle

Post by loolypyloo » 29 Oct 2015, 12:13

some useful tips for us to consider

Ps your dog is very handsome!

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Re: Caravaning with 3 children and a doodle

Post by stout » 29 Oct 2015, 15:30

We have a caravan, and always take Stout. Stout loves going away in the caravan, he recognizes the place we store it and gets very excited when we arrive :lol:. We leave most of our 'stuff' in the caravan so don't have to take a huge amount unless we are going away for longer than a weekend, we also don't have any children!

Stout has a stakeout lead so when we are outside he can have a bit more freedom. Also he potters around the awning (under supervision!). The awning is useful if it is raining to dry him off before we end up with a soggy dog in the caravan!

We have a four berth even though there are only two of us and Stout, we have removed a panel from under the fixed bed so Stout has a den which he sometimes :roll: sleeps in! The biggest issue we have is Stout eats raw food (tummy problems) which is frozen, so there isn't much space for human food at the start of the holiday! We also have to time his food, so there is not a doodle in the way when we are trying to do anything, as you don't have a lot of space, and Stout is very good at being in the way :roll:

We tend to go to caravan club sites as they are dog friendly. We went to a really cool one in Dulverton in September, it was full of dog - the town is dog friendly so Stout was allowed in all the pubs/restaurants, he went wherever we did. He stayed outside with one of us when we had to go to the shops - which he didn't mind as he got lots of fuss :lol: . We usually phone the sites up and check, and usually some of the places nearby to see if they are dog friendly.

Having a doodle can be a good ice breaker with neighbours to. We went to one small site - there were only two caravans, we looked out the window to see next door playing ball with their doodle, Benson. Chris and Stout went to say hello, we have now become good friends and we try to meet up once a month, the doggies run around (if there is no one else around) and we chat/drink wine.

Have fun.

Chris, Michelle & Stout



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Re: Caravaning with 3 children and a doodle

Post by jonb » 29 Oct 2015, 16:46

We dont have a caravan or motorhome but have taken Roker away with us quite a lot and to be honest we dont find it that much of an issue. He's been to France twice now and to be honest once over there its a major surprise if you cant do something with a dog...he's sat under the table in numerous restaurants and my other half still laughs at my face in a roasting hot Saint-Emilion last year when we stopped for a drink and as the waitress came to take our order she spotted him and made sure he got a drink before we did!

In terms of this country we've been to North Yorkshire quite a lot and lots of pubs etc up that way tend to be very dog friendly and recently went to Northumberland where we had no issues either.

As mentioned by others if nothing else having Roker with us basically turns into a conversation piece as he sits there wagging his tail expecting fuss by anyone that passes within touching distance! In France this year on the campsite it actually led to us finding out that the family on the table next to us were from 10mins up the road from us at home!

The only real change we've found is the actual travelling part. There is just the two of us and Roker currently so Roker goes in the boot of our Vauxhall Insignia Estate with all the luggage on the back seats but obviously it means we stop a bit more to let him stretch his legs, get a drink etc although in the main he takes it all his stride even if he does refuse to sit down and stands up for it all! You soon get used to planning around this sort of thing though and to be honest we would struggle to go on holiday and not take him with us now.

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Re: Caravaning with 3 children and a doodle

Post by AustinsMumma » 30 Oct 2015, 00:50

We have a caravan and take Austin everywhere with us! :mrgreen:
We were at Bradgate Park last weekend (got home Tuesday), and are off to the Peak District tomorrow until Sunday eve :D

He LOVES it. He loves the word carrywan and knows the routine. Our daughter is 19 now so he is our 'holiday child'. Yes it does restrict where we can go for activities, but we like walking etc anyway and my OH does photography so it's not really an issue. Besides, before we go places we look up on the internet to see where is dog friendly (there are LOTS of places believe it or not).

Most caravan sites are dog friendly too with a dog walk. We have never come across one yet that does not accept dogs. We are members of both the caravan club and camping & caravan club. We have also been to some private sites. All are accommodating. The only thing you have to be careful of is too much barking.

He sleeps on one of the sofas at night, our beds are at the back of the caravan. He behaves just as he would do at home.

It's great for them to get out and about... seeing new things and experiencing new worlds :o He loves exploring new walks and also lazing sitting in the van watching the new people go by!
Of course there are things like Doodlefest to go to as well in the Summer! :wink: Great fun having 200+ doodles dashing in between a huge field of tents and vans :mrgreen:

We do love caravanning, it's brill. We try to go away at least once a month and more when we get time. My OH even commuted to work for over a week from it once! While Auz and I did walking

I will try and upload photos tomorrow if I get time (as we are going away again).
You won't regret a van holiday lifestyle. Lots of fun!! Jo xx
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Re: Caravaning with 3 children and a doodle

Post by Rob-T » 31 Oct 2015, 13:56

Can't add much to what has already been posted. We have been caravanning for over 30 years, with children, without children, with various generations of dogs, last 18 months with one doodle and from next year it will be with two.
We didn't take her with us on our main holiday to France as our grown up grandson lives with us and she stayed to make sure he behaved but went with us on all our UK trips. Like others have said, she knows when we are getting ready to go and seems to really enjoy the trips. As you are already an experienced caravanner you will know that space within the van can be an issue but it's just a matter of being a bit more organised. Feed the dog out in the awning if possible, or at a time you don't need access to the area inside the van where you feed the dog. Awnings are really handy when you have a dog ( and kids ) just need to make sure there are no routes of escape.
We mainly use Caravan Club sites, all of which accept dogs at no extra charge. It is worth doing a bit of research on which ever site you choose to visit as although they might allow dogs sometimes there may be no onsite dog walk and nothing really suitable nearby. Once you pick an area you want to visit ask either on here or on one of the caravan forums and someone will let you know about dog walking in that particular area. I mention this as we were at one years ago where we had to load the dog into the car and drive for several miles before the dog could get out for a run, not handy,particularly first thing in the morning for obvious reasons.
Taking a dog on holiday can in same ways restrict family outings but can in other ways encourage you to do other activities. I have visited areas with my dogs in the past that I wouldn't have seen if I hadn't my dogs with me.

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Re: Caravaning with 3 children and a doodle

Post by dexysback » 04 Nov 2015, 16:55

we also have a caravan ,and dexter loves it we go away every month with our midlands rally ,i find when its your own van you don't have to worry if they make a mess or do any damage. I have a spike thing that goes in ground but dexter as pulled it out of the ground on a few occasions ,so i have tied him on to van.i take lots of towels .We love the fresh air and the piece and quite,I find dexter is more relaxed when we go away.You and your children will have a great time.

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Re: Caravaning with 3 children and a doodle

Post by Jk746 » 02 Jun 2016, 17:32

We've got a motorhome 3 children and 14m old Wilson the labradoodle. He's been to Wales for 2 weeks, Scotland for 2 weeks as well numerous weekend trips, we are off to France for 2 weeks in the summer. He has a collapsable fabric crate on the bottom bunk at the moment. He loves going on holiday

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