Introduction to Breeder in Scotland

If you would like to, we invite you to post a short introduction about yourself and your interest in Labradoodles.
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Introduction to Breeder in Scotland

Post by TillyandTara » 20 Nov 2019, 15:22

Hi there, my name is Fiona and I run a small family business as a supplier of Raw Dog Food and Labradoodle Breeder. Tilly has just had her 2nd litter of gorgeous pups a few weeks ago and I’m looking for loving forever homes. We have a mix of coat types and colours. All my previous puppies, now adults, are healthy, happy, gentle & loving dogs and I can provide reviews from owners. If you would like to know any more information, please just drop me a line.
Thanks, Fiona
Tilly & Tara 🐾🐾

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Re: Introduction to Breeder in Scotland

Post by Pollydoodle » 23 Nov 2019, 20:58

Hi there, could you mention if health testing has been done.
There is minimum code of practice considered, have a read here ... f=3&t=6560

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