IMPORTANT: Allergy-friendliness Claims

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IMPORTANT: Allergy-friendliness Claims

Post by mhayhurst » 26 Aug 2007, 10:47

Prospective owners of Labradoodles for whom asthma or other allergies are a factor should ensure they read the material on this and other forums regarding suitability of Labradoodles in these circumstances.

While some Labradoodles possess characteristics which present no problems for people with allergy sensitivities, there are a great many that are dangerously unsuitable. Allergic reactions can result from a number of doggy factors - the coat, the saliva, dander (dried skin and hair) etc. Also be aware the coat types can vary within the same litter and may change as the dog matures. There are many other non-shedding established dog breeds including Wheaten Terriers, Schnauzers, Airedales and Poodles that are more consistently tolerable to people with pet allergies.

Please be very cautious of claims by breeders of allergy-friendliness in their dogs - you will find guidelines on this site on how to choose from one of the many reputable breeders rather one of the few who are out to exploit you.