How many feeds?

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How many feeds?

Post by KatyM » 06 Mar 2016, 09:40

Winnie will be 14 weeks on Wed. We feed her three times a day at the moment, breakfast, lunch and tea. The last few days she has had very runny poo, except for the first one of the day. We were wondering if it would be better to drop her to two meals a day. I have looked it up on Internet but you get such varying answers!! Some say 3 meals until 6 months, others say two meal from 14 weeks! I just want to do what's best for her.

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Re: How many feeds?

Post by Doodle Dee » 06 Mar 2016, 11:53

It may not be the times but the amounts you are feeding her. Does she get treats in between meals. That also counts as food.
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Re: How many feeds?

Post by We5Kings » 07 Mar 2016, 10:37

This might help. We went from 4meals to 3 at 3months, then 3meals to 2 at 6months. It is definitely true that too much food( just a tiny bit too much can tip the balance)causes loose poo.
However, as a young pup Dude had lots of squishy poo and it took us awhile to realise he was very sensitive to chicken( in fact all fowl upsets his Tum)We now use Canagan( salmon) and his poos are perfectly firm :D
If you change food you must do it v gradually over a couple of weeks. Don't chop and change suddenly.
After about 6 months they actually start to need less food because the big growth spurts are slowing down. Anny

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Re: How many feeds?

Post by stout » 07 Mar 2016, 15:24

Stout has two meals - he has ibd (inflammatory bowel disease), so he is better having smaller meals than one big one - if he is having a flare up he has four meals a day. When he was a pup he would sometimes not bother with breakfast, then decided to sleep through lunch, I would say as long as she is getting the right amount in a day it isn't really an issue how many times she eats.

We had all kinds of problems with Stout when he was a pup - a mixture of feeding him too much (he was underweight when we got him) and the fact he seems to be intolerant of everything! His stomach doesn't seem to be able to handle dry food at all. As other have said - be careful when swapping foods - try to do it gradually and keep an eye on 'outputs' to spot any changes :mrgreen: . There are lots of options of food out there, you can sometimes get samples from suppliers, you will find one to suit her - it might be worth trying sticking to the same meat - but say avoid rice, to see if you see if it is an ingredient upsetting her. Good luck!

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