going off the food?

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going off the food?

Post by h0ward » 30 Jul 2019, 15:07

In the last week or so, our 12 month old springer / poodle cross has gone off his food to the extent of going without food for 36 hours at a time. He has never had a labrador type desire to eat - in fact food has always come long after smells, and bird flushing and ball throwing in his list of priorities, but he has always had two meals a day.

Now we have had meals missed occasionally before when he has spent a day lodging with neighbours when we have gone out. But never like this.

He's full of energy with no signs of illness whatsoever. Drinking OK.

Have you found that hot weather puts your dog off his food? Or another thought - does worming help? Does a change of environment put him off his food.

Not sure that anything puts a Lab off food so I am hoping thre are sproodle owners on here too.

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