Puppy Pet Insurance

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Puppy Pet Insurance

Post by Maggie111 » 08 Mar 2012, 15:22

My puppy is coming with 4 weeks free insurance, but I remembered a terrible warning story about a puppy that was bought with problems meaning he needed to have medical treatment very early.

Our cat is with Pet Plan and I am very fond of them - they are expensive but every Vet breathes a sigh of relief once they know he's on Pet Plan and he currently has 2 life-long medical conditions that are fortunately under insurance. (luxating patellas and urinary streuvites)

I am intending on having our puppy on Pet Plan insurance asap, and then I realised the other 4 week free insurance might clash with this.

Assuming the breeder is NOT on Pet Plan - should I ask her not to register our puppy with her insurance provider?

Should I register the puppy from 6 weeks old, even if it is living with the breeder till 8 weeks?

I just wondered. I will of course check with the breeder - and who knows, maybe her insurance cover is with Pet Plan but I just wondered about the options.

If the puppy did have a medical problem at 7 weeks, or at 9 weeks, I am not sure whether I will keep him. My sensible brain says of course not - but I want to plan in case I act with my heart, not my head.

Sarah Bevan
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Re: Puppy Pet Insurance

Post by Sarah Bevan » 08 Mar 2012, 15:38

I seem to remember from when we took insurance that, when you take a policy you can't claim for problems in the first 2 weeks of policy.
Sarah and Jessie

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