Insurance premium increase

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Insurance premium increase

Post by Rob-T » 23 Jan 2016, 13:04

Our oldest dog is now two and a half years old and been insured with Pet Plan since we got her, cost was roughly £25 per month. It was cover for life and I am pleased with the terms of cover but a few weeks ago we got the renewal details in and it has increased to just over £31 per month. We haven't made any claims and although I didn't expect the cost to fall I do think an increase of around 25% is a bit steep. They gave the reasons for this as although,I haven't claimed,there has been an increase in claims in general therefor premiums need to increase. Wonder if there had been a decrease in claims if they would have decreased premiums..... No, I didn't think so either.
It is still good cover, but just wonder how much it will end up costing. When we got our youngest dog last November we also insured her with Pet Plan and supposedly got a multi plan discount, well that's that been well and truly wiped out.

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Re: Insurance premium increase

Post by Bid » 23 Jan 2016, 14:37

It does sound steep at first, but other companies have bee increasing their premiums by as much as 80 or 100%. My last increase with petplan was minimal, but Beamish's policy will be up for renewal in a couple of months so it will be interesting to see what his increase is!
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Re: Insurance premium increase

Post by Doodle Dee » 23 Jan 2016, 14:49

You're lucky. My premium because of my post code is £36!!!! So heaven knows what my renewal premium will be
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Re: Insurance premium increase

Post by linny » 23 Jan 2016, 20:39

Jethro & Ambrose have a life cover policy covering both dogs with Petplan at a cost of £40 per month.
I will be waiting to see what the increase will be come August when the renewal date comes up
Last August the increase was minimal .
I have recently made a claim for Jethro and Ambrose is rising 8 so I expect they will start loading the premium.
I must say Petplan were spot on with paying quibbles and fast payment straight to my account

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