It's been at least 8 years

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It's been at least 8 years

Post by clarejacksonuk » 17 Apr 2021, 23:47

Hi I'm Clare and first joined this group in April2005 when we got a puppy labradoodle. The puppy is now 16 and although he has slowed down he is still in pretty good health. Dougal was a complete terror until he was about 10 when he finally calmed down. Although just the other day he was caught with his two front paws on the worktop,stealing sausages ! He has had to put up with two new puppies over the past year: Paddington a year old miniature Australian labradoodle ( cute and much easier than Dougal but not nearly as good natured)and Sprout a 7 month old Brussels Griffon. Dougal basically ignores them both apart from occasionally barking at them if they get too boisterous. Dougal came from Halifax : munchkin Tower labradoodle who are no,onger operating but I wondered if anyone else has a doodle from there.
dougal the labradoodle terror of aldenham school

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Re: It's been at least 8 years

Post by linny » 20 Apr 2021, 18:32

:D :D welcome back Clare!! Dougal is doing really well to reach such a grand age ... I lost two of my boys at 11.5 years and one very sadly at three😥.... wonderful to hear that this grand old boy is still with you 👏👏

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Re: It's been at least 8 years

Post by eileenandmolly » 02 May 2021, 19:52

Hello Dougal and family!
It’s lovely to make contact with some of the older doodles!
Linny, I know you have not enjoyed the same longevity of your gorgeous doodles as some of us have been lucky enough to enjoy. You’ve been the best doodle mum - especially to the unique Huggy!!
We joined in 2006 when Molly was a pup, and Saffie joined us 18 months later! Molly will be 15 this July. Although arthritic, and needs a ramp to get her into and out of the car, she seems to have a secret supply of jumping beans which enable her to trot about happily on her walks , and to reach the kitchen worktop to steal whatever I think she can no longer reach .... a whole courgette was her most recent prize!! And she still steals socks!
Saffie is 13 but nobody has told her yet, so she skips around like a spring lamb, and tells me in no uncertain terms when her sister is misbehaving 🤣 She’s so eager to please still !
Ei, Molly and Saffie

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